Marketing Data Connection


Get access anytime, anywhere to your raw data


Avoid the pain and burden of managing your logs, parsing, storing, indexing, curating, correlating, serving, just use the data.

Evaluate if your campaign is running on quality media with our “load completion” tag


On-site and Off-site data

From your marketing campaigns with our easy to use tagging solution


Full featured API

Select by time, by segment, get the customer journey by conversion type, etc…

Tag Checker

Validate your full tag coverage on your site, never let a “new page” go under the radar because no one bothered to check…


We provide a PHP SDK

Take action now

Bypass waiting for another boardroom decision, or “when you have time”, install our tagging solution on your website, or on your online ad campaigns and you will be sure to have the data you need when you need it.