Advertising automation platform


Focus on your hospitality expertise

Save time and money by trusting a relevant tools that automates your ads generation and optimisation. 360&1 brings you prospects  and customers. Focus on customer experience !


Be more effective: diversify your acquisition channels and levers

Get more visibility with investing in display ads, get your notoriety more developed and notice the impact on your sales and margins. Be different than competitors, be more effective !

Attract more interest with personalized and expert creatives and campaigns

Personalize your campaigns with dynamic ads according to your commercial strategy, seasonal offers and inventory


Get more results : touch the right targets !

Your automatized campaigns are fed with analytics insights and high value information about profiles and targets that are most likely to book in your hotel


Multi-levers campaigns

Generates ads in

  • Sponsorised links (Google Adwords and Bing Ads),
  • Google Hotel Finder, and other booking engines and platforms
  • Display banners on relevant sites, blogs and platforms
  • Social ads on Facebook or Instagram
  • Affiliation in our 1st choice hospitality inventory platforms

Dynamic ads

Personalize your ads according to your commercial offer

Take action now

Bypass waiting for another boardroom decision, or “when you have time”, install our tagging solution on your website, or on your online ad campaigns and you will be sure to have the data you need when you need it.