E-travel focused DMP and advertising automation platform


a solution for tourism industry independancy major challenge


A total dependency on intermediaries

Hospitality professionals use intermediary solutions (Booking,, …) who charge confiscatory commisions squeezing their margins and creating a high dependency

Hotels are severed from their customer acquisition process. They don’t control their prospecting anymore


as a confiscatory commission from OTA for each booking


Oh hotels turnover from OTA

A long, complex and fragmented buying path

To target the right message, offer, product to the right person, hotels must rely on technology and web analytics to extract the winning strategies and paths to booking. The rise of the mobile device and the exponential offers, deals and contents on hotels has lead to an explosion of the global consumer booking path and digital moments.

Average number of visited websites before a travel booking

Average number of days before booking

FindThePax Solution

FindThePax Features

Hotels get the power back !

Single access point to hotel management modules

Connect directly your second and third-party data: booking engines, booking insurance, Inventory, CRM,…

Connect contextual data as well, as weather


Multi-devices and cross devices

Use FindThePax on desktop, tablet or mobile. Data, performances and buying path are cross-devices and consider all touch points for a single visitor: mobile, tablet, desktop


Multi-levers campaigns, booking and ROI management

Increase bookings driving marketing web channels directly

omnichannel web booking

Manage traditional booking distribution channels and OTAs

Control and manage your flows and bookings with,,

Monetize your audience and data

Your website visitors profiles, behaviors and conversion funnels are high value data for tourism industry intermediaries. Monetize your data to sustain you campaigns!

Decide on your preferred business model

Monthly subscription depending on website traffic and other selected services Options (ex: access to an email retargeting partner solution).


Self manage new acquisition channels:

  • Simplified access to all the big-name webmarketing platforms ( Google, Facebook, AppNexus, …)
  • Automated interface for web analytics and decision making
  • Online training for advertising campaign management, with access to tutorials and user communities
Fee on committed budgets by hotels
From 5 to 15% of booking revenues acquired through chosen levers and/or % on audience monetization Revenue sharing




European leader in online booking systems for hotels, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, leisure and well-being

Logis de France

Logis de France

The first voluntary chain of 2300 independent hotels-restaurants in Europe.



Network of independent French 2, 3 and 4 star hotels.